Sun Dimmers offers a full line of Premium Lighting Protection Kits as well as a line of Smoked Taillight Film Kits.

Sun Dimmer’s material is made from a tough impact resistant material that is designed to protect your vehicle’s lighting while looking great!
Our high quality transparent lens film is a flexible vinyl material that adds a unique look to your headlights, tail lights, foglights, interior lights and any other type of light with a lens. Adding lens film not only adds style, it also adds protection from scratches!

•   Sun dimmers cuts to fit our tinted and smoked headlight
and taillight film for each vehicles lights.
•  our vinyl is available in 8 different tint colors
•  It can be removed without damage to lights (not reusable).
•  Comes with strong optically clear adhesive back.
•  Maintenance free & car wash safe.
•  We make sure to measure your lights for correct sizing.
•  Our thick, strong film can be heated and stretched around most challenging curves.
•  *For off-road or show use only

All of the products that Sun Dimmers sells block out 99% of the ultraviolet rays. While heat and light are also factors in fading, It is the ultraviolet rays that do most damage to the interior of your home. Expensive furniture, custom made window treatments and even flooring can be faded and damaged permanently by the harsh solar energy. These window films can also block up to 93% of the sun’s glare. Getting rid of most of the glare is ever so easy on the eyes.

Don’t confuse our products with window tint or delicate ‘overlays’. ‘Overlays’ are made from a thiner than paper material designed for use inside a flat sign – not on the exterior of your vehicles lights. Sun Dimmers uses a tough impact resistant material that is designed to stand up to the elements and provide years of service. Be sure and check our Gallery below.